Tuesday, December 7, 2010

makmal penyelidikan kimia organic II

Today i've decided not going to my lab doing my column chromatography. You ask me WHY??
MINOR ANS : because today is a public holiday for JOHORE and UTM..
MAJOR ANS : because my friends and i  plan going to.....

we were here...

what we're doing here???

actually we went to THIS PEACEFUL PLACE!!!

fee for adult RM 7.50
car park RM 3.00

i went there with them...

nk tgk ktorang 'DRIFT' x??? 
 look at down there..


 Yang Benar,
(nur ain abdul halim)

can you guess my height???

>> title entry mcm nk cerita pasal krja lab..padahal hambik ko!! ak ponteng lab pegi BERKUAK KUPU2 kt kota tinggi..hehehe..klo dpt taw kt SV psm ni siap ak...